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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Season Greetings!!!

Hello Everyone. Only 9 days left til Christmas. We've got some awesome deals for you all who are on the nice list. Those on the naughty list, that is up to someone else to decided what you get for Christmas. See below for details

Print this coupon out and use it at the OTM Redondo Store. It's good for 20% OFF any Shorts or T-Shirt.
FREE Hand Wrap any Glove purchase.
Alsot 20% OFF any Watches and Sunglasses

The best thing ever has happened. Hayabusa has hooked us up with the their Kanpeki Elite Series. It is so original, you will never find anything like it. This is ONLY AVAILABLE IN-STORE!

Looking for a new Gi brand? Try Hakai Kimonos. They are the "Art of Destruction" and make you want to the "Destroy the Competition." According to one of our employees.."They feel like I'm wearing Pajamas."

Are your legs longer than your body?? Hakai let's you mismatch your top and your bottom. So if you are an A2 top but an A3 bottom..we got you covered. With Hakai Gis, you will receive a FREE Gi Belt with a purchase of a Hakai Gi.

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